Professional Organizer in the San Francisco Bay Area

“I spent the first two-thirds of my life acquiring stuff that doesn’t matter only so that I can spend my last one-thirds getting rid of it. What a stupid game of consumerism we Americans play.”  — Linda Morman Stichtenoth  

You’re frustrated

Stuff has migrated into your home. Your house is so cluttered you don’t know where to start. It’s overwhelming. It feels like you try and try to organize, but all you’re doing is moving stuff around and watching it revert back to a mess. 

I can help you get organized and downsize so you don’t become overwhelmed. We work together. I guide you through the process. You’re not alone.

You want serenity 

You have anxiety trying to find a home for everything. You feel guilty getting rid of the things people give you. Maybe you’re weighed down — why can’t I declutter my own house? Maybe you’re a little embarrassed — why did I let the clutter get this far?

I help you create a space that is right for you. You’re unique. You have a different definition than your neighbor of what makes a peaceful home. 

I cater to your personality. I ask questions to better understand you and how to help you downsize or declutter your home. 

You want relatability 

You see all those pins with the minimal and “picture perfect” looking homes. There’s nothing wrong with that — but that’s not you. You don’t want a pristine storage space. You want a relatable home. You want a tangible home.

I help you set out what you want to accomplish in your home. I concentrate on helping you to divest of unnecessary clutter

Achieving an Organized Life

You want someone to work side by side with you during those tough times of letting go. You want to learn where to find a home for things

Why Hire a Professional Organizer?

You want a functional living space. You don’t know how to declutter and organize your house yourself — you feel totally helpless trying to figure out the ideal spot for everything. 

Maybe you relate to one of these scenarios:

  • You see a good deal and stock up on it, because too much hand soap can’t be a bad thing. 
  • You’re an empty nester now, but you can’t get rid of your children’s legos, because they’re sentimental.
  • You went to your neighborhood’s yard sale, you can never have too much fabric for quilt making.
  • You’ve inherited your grandmother’s soup pot, the magic ingredient in all her family dinners.

That’s where I can help:

Hire a Professional Organizer

Hello, my name is Carolyn Honig. 

I’m a Professional Organizer specializing in downsizing and decluttering residential homes. I help you refresh your space. Working with me you’ll find I’m compassionate, understanding, confidential, and non-judgmental.

I’m not just an extraneous service — I build a personal connection with you to make this process an encouraging and positive experience. 

Let’s work together to clear out the old, whether to make room for the new or just free up your environment for the feeling of lightness. You have control. We’ll analyze what works and is pleasing to make your surroundings more enjoyable.

“Maybe it takes living under the burden of having too much stuff to realize and appreciate the joy of living with just the things that matter.”  — The Clutter Buster