Carolyn Honig

I have a long history of understanding the process of communication. I listen to your wants and needs in a calm demeanor and together we find solutions.

“What Should I Expect From You, A Professional Organizer?”

Finding the right professional organizer is so important. Our personalities need to be the right fit.

I don’t command, judge or discourage. I gently guide you through the process with realistic organizational tips and advice. I answer your questions to the best of my ability.

Some of us organizers are more knowledgeable in certain areas than others. If there is ever something I’m unable to accomplish or is out of my realm of expertise, I won’t leave you hanging. I put you in contact with someone who gets that particular job done. You can trust that they’ll be just as understanding and encouraging as I am.

Why Have I Chosen To Work Independently?

There are organizations I could have worked with, but I chose to do this on my own. I’ve always loved the entrepreneur mindset and love the connections I build with my clients.

I’ve been an entrepreneur for many years and couldn’t dream of doing anything else. I love jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire—learning new things and knowing I have what it takes to help you organize.

How Do I Relate To You?

As a child, I was no stranger to moving often. I moved nine times in fifteen years. I didn’t any control over where we were moving, but I did have a sense of control when it came where things were placed and how things were set up.

Throughout my life, I’ve helped my family and friends numerous times to declutter, downsize and organize their homes and their lives. One day, while in the middle of helping my mother remove some boxes from her home to donate, she suggested I should do this professionally.

It never occurred to me to do this as a profession. I just loved helping people get control of their lives through organizing.

Am I always able to keep a pristine home? No. Do I live a perfectly organized life? Nope. I’m practical. Relatable. And I bring that into my job. 

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During our call:

  • We’ll virtually walk through the space
  • Discuss what is or isn’t working
  • Talk through your goals for your home
  • Set up your first appointment (virtually or on-site)

I’m a reasonable person. I understand financial difficulties. I’m willing to work with people within their situation to ensure you get your life in order.

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