Home Organizing Services

“Clear your clutter to create the life you choose, deserve, and desire” 

Julie Coraccio 

Peace of mind is one of the many benefits of an organized home. Finding a place for everything saves you time and prevents frustration, leaving you a purposeful home. 

I help downsize and organize your space. My specialty lies in discovering in-house solutions. Let me help make your unique environment reflect the true you. 

How it Works 

We start with a Virtual Introduction through your free 20 minute video consultation. We’ll see the space, and determine what is — or isn’t — working. 

Once we determine we’re a good fit, I’ll set up your first appointment to create solutions — whether virtual or onsite — to sort, de-clutter, organize, and simplify your home. When done, your space is efficient, functional, and beautiful. 

How I Help You Organize Your Home 

I work with you and/or your family to calm the chaos through organizing the following: 

Kitchen – Save time with a functional kitchen. 

Bathrooms – Enjoy peace of mind in a non-crowded bathroom. 

Bedrooms – Escape from the chaotic world around you. 

Closets – Jump start your morning by quickly spotting your outfit for the day. 

Attics/Basement – Get items you don’t use on a regular basis in order. 

Garages – Claim back your space. Your car thanks you. 

Office (Home and Business) – Increase your productivity with an efficient work space. 

Paper – Create a filing system to keep important documents at the ready. 

Photos – Organize your memories so they’re not forgotten. 

Storage Units – Box up and donate unnecessary clutter. 

If there’s an area or job you want organized and you don’t see it listed, please feel free to ask me. As a professional organizer, I am here to help you with your needs and wants. 

Every individual works differently and each situation is different, therefore the length of each project varies. My hourly rate is $60/hour. 

Your Confidentiality Is Key 

Allowing someone into your home to sort through the pieces of your life requires trust. I guarantee 100% confidentiality when working with you. There’s no judgment. I am compassionate and understanding and only offer encouragement. 

Let’s refresh your environment and take back your space. There’s an organizational solution for any area of your home. 

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